Starting a New Watch Group

So...you think you want to Start a Neighborhood Watch? Below are the steps that you should take to create a Watch Group in Lower Makefield Township.

• Talk to your neighbors first and see if they are interested in forming a watch. 

• Contact the President or Vice President of LMTNWA.

• Plan an introductory meeting.

The LMTNWA president will coordinate a day, place and time so that we can ensure that a Police official can be present to provide answers to any questions that you or your neighbors may have.

• Invite neighbors to the meeting* and recruit them to be your Block Captains.

Prepare a flyer for distribution.   

Include the “What is a Neighborhood Watch?” document, and the “Personal Information Sheet” (found below). **

• Hold your Introductory Meeting

• Contact LMTNWA to order Street Signs - Signs will be ordered once our police liaison has given permission for sign location.


After your introductory Meeting you will want to hold a Block Captain Meeting.

More information can be found here.


To maintain an active status with LMTNWA, update your records once a year. 

We suggest that you have at least one meeting per calendar year in your neighbrohood to create a sense of community. The meeting can be a social event, a special class (CPR training, babysitting course, etc.), or a Block Captain meeting. 

Every Neighborhood Watch is different and can be run however you’d like to run it. You will probably not get 100% participation right from the start, but don’t give up. People will learn that the Neighborhood Watch is here to stay, and they need to see that their friends and neighbors are participating. It takes time and patience, but you will succeed in making your neighborhood a safer place for you, your family and your community.


* Only Neighborhood Liaisons and potential Block Captains (people who have shown positive interest in the Watch) attend this meeting.

*  Send the flyer out at least two weeks in advance of the meeting, and a reminder notice a few days before the meeting is always a good idea.

** The “What is a Neighborhood Watch” document will answer most questions that people have regarding Neighborhood Watches and the “Personal Data Sheets ” can be filled out in advance and turned in at the meeting.  None of the information asked for on the “Personal Data Sheets” is mandatory. People only need to provide information they are comfortable given out.  Be sure to bring extra copies of each to the meeting.


Contact Us to Start your watch