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Congratulations, 10 Years and Going Strong!

Congratulations to Five neighborhoods celebrating their 10th anniversary of NW membership

Makefield Brook I, Makefield Brook II, Makefield Manor, Pinebrook, and Valley Green.

First Photo: Officer Michael Pell, Chief Kenneth Coluzzi and Nancy Pesti (Makefield Brook II)

Second Photo: Officer Michael Pell, Chief Kenneth Coluzzi and Lisa Van Strat (Makefield Manor)


PECO Reliability

LMT is banding together to accomplish infrastructure and maintenance improvements to increase power reliability in our township.  The plan of action begins with getting the word out to our fellow residents in neighborhoods that experience recurrent power outages.  Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be affected.
Residents are being asked to write a letter to PECO, delivered by regular mail and email, identifying the specific power issues relating to their homes.  Please copy Township Manager, Terry Fedorchak, and Supervisor, Kristin Tyler, on the letters.  They will maintain the resident information and create a 'central database.'
Within the letter, you should request a report from PECO identifying the power outages in your home from 2009 to the present and the reasons for those outages. 
A  sample letter to PECO with all the pertinent mailing and emailing information as well as content outlined above has been drafted and linked here.  Please add your specific information to the letter and make any changes you deem fit. 

Let’s work together to keep the lights on!

Thank you  


Lower Makefield resident receives Governor's Award
for Outstanding Citizen Crime Prevention


Above: Officer Michael Pell, McGruff, the Crime Dog, Christa McConaghy and James Shrader, the Deputy Director of PCCD

On Monday, July 11, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) applauded nine individuals for their continued work to keep their communities safe and crime-free, including a Lower Bucks resident, Christa McConaghy.

Seven of the individuals were recognized with the Governor’s Citizen Crime Prevention Award. Two special awards were also given to law enforcement officers who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to crime-prevention efforts.

McConaghy is a 10-year active member of the Lower Makefield Township Neighborhood Watch Association (LMTNWA). McConaghy also oversaw the launching of the new LMTNWA website, which features a crime-stopping tool called “crime mapping” that highlights trends in local criminal activity.

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