Lower Makefield Township

Neighborhood Watch Association By-Laws


I.   Name

The name of this organization is the “Lower Makefield Township Neighborhood Watch
Association” (“LMTNWA”)

II. Purpose

To assist the police department in preventing crime, promoting public safety, and
enhancing the quality of life in the Township of Lower Makefield.  Lower Makefield 
Township Neighborhood Watch Association (LMTNWA) is a group of citizens
concerned with the overall well-being of our community and organized to anticipate
possible problems, disseminate information and tend to the needs of our immediate
neighborhoods in an attempt to preserve peace, harmony and good will throughout our

III. Membership

Open to all residents of Lower Makefield Township, in good standing, and community
organizations sensitive to community needs and interests.  No personal solicitation is to
be done during any LMTNWA event or made through any contacts gained through our
email chain or on the www.LMTNWA.org web site.  Phone numbers, home and
email address gained through LMTNWA are solely for LMTNWA business and are
strictly confidential.

IV. Officers

The LMTNWA will have a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer, who are
elected to serve two year terms. It shall be the duty of each member of the Executive
Board to attend all meetings of the Board.  

President: The President will be responsible for coordinating Community
Events, organizing Community Information Meetings, giving the
Neighborhood Watch presentation to new watches, Parent Teacher
Organizations (PTO’s) and other community groups, creating agendas for
Board, Coordinator and Meetings with the Chief of Police and marketing
LMTNWA to other developments in the Township. The President will also
maintain records of membership/master list of Active Neighborhood Watches and
distribute information to the webmaster to add to the www.LMTNWA.org
web site.

Vice President: The Vice President will set meeting dates, organize special
projects and a yearly coordinator social.  The Vice President will assist
the President as needed for presentations and Community Programs

Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary will keep notes of the proceedings of
NW meetings that will be distributed to Coordinators via email and will collect and record money received by the organization, and will be custodian of its funds. If necessary, he/she will maintain a bank account associated with LMTNWA. Those in this position will help the President organize volunteers and help facilitate attendance at meetings.

**Amended: 10/25/10 – Positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be divided into 2 positions.**

***Amended: 10/27/11 – Position of Secretary and Treasurer will be combined into one position.***

Webmaster: Works as liaison between LMTNWA and Police Department to keep
the public informed of LMTNWA business though the web site www.LMTNWA.org.  This position is a non-voting board position.

V. Meetings

The Board shall meet as decided at the January meeting or at the request of
the President or upon the request of any two (2) Board Members. Meetings for “Special
purposes” and for “Post Election - Change of Office” will be scheduled as needed.
LMTNWA will schedule at least two annual meeting with The Chief of Police (a.k.a.
“Chief Meeting”). Meeting with the Chief of Police is dependent on his schedule and
that of the Community Policing Officer. The group may schedule other community
meetings throughout the year. Meetings will be called as needed.

ORDER OF BUSINESS - The order of business shall be:
1.      Introduction of all guests.
2.      Old business.
3.      New business.
4.      Announcements.
5.      Miscellaneous.
6.      Adjournment.

VI. Election of Officers

Terms of office shall be two (2) years commencing on December 31.  Officers will be
elected at the Fall Meeting with the Chief of Police and Coordinators, starting in Fall of
2011, as terms expire or positions become vacant.  Each position has a 2 consecutive
term limit. Officers may run again after subsequent officer concludes his/her term. 
Officers may be removed by a vote of two-thirds (2/3). Those running for a position must
be a Coordinator from an Active Neighborhood Watch Group. Voting will be completed
by Secret Ballot.

VII. Amendments to By-Laws

The By-Laws may be amended at any Coordinator Meeting. Members must be notified at
least one month in advance of the proposed amendment. Two-thirds (2/3) of those present
and voting must approve the change. 

Bylaws adopted on 10/13/2009.